Sales & Promotion


The Teleraise company plays a leading role in the group’s activities. A brand that deals exclusively with the promotion of telephony & energy services, currently having over 150,000 customers.
At Teleraise we help businesses to develop their customer base and communicate with their customers, creating relationships of trust, through every communication channel

Call Centers - Promotion Services

Οur specialized staff undertakes to make outgoing calls, to promote products and services, to a specific list of potential or existing clientele.
We provide trained agents, who from day 1 can communicate with customers professionally and respectfully.
Through our high-tech call centers, we are able to handle 20,000+ calls per day.

Customer's Management

Keep your customers loyal. Customer disengagement is a reality, even for the most successful companies. But a sale to an existing customer is 50% easier than to a potential one. Our team reacts and responds to every communication, optimizing and developing relationships with customers

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is remote secretarial support. In other words, it is a modern secretariat, which facilitates the professional from further tasks and helps to save time.
It is based on the outsourcing model, where the professional assigns his secretarial support to a third party.

Face to face

The face-to-face sales process is an essential part of any business’s strategy. It is how you connect with customers, build relationships, and close deals. We give you the opportunity to speak directly to your target market and acquire new customers.
Complex products/services can be analyzed and fully understood. Learn more about what your customers expect and need.

Network of Partners2
Network of Partners

Our partners are a key part of our business model. We believe that the more people you can connect with, the more opportunities there are for everyone to succeed. That’s why we are committed to working with partners who share our vision and values.


The website sales channel is your opportunity to directly sell products or services online. We will help you create a website that attracts customers, and we’ll also help ensure that your site is optimized for search engines so it can get found.

Physical Stores

Our company currently owns 4 physical stores in 3 cities, and we are looking to expand our physical presence. We want to offer customers the opportunity to shop from us in person, and we believe that this is a great way for us to build relationships with our customers, as well as provide them with an experience that is different from shopping online

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